Utility Surveys

Using Radio Detection and Ground Penetrating Radar, we accurately identify underground features and utility apparatus. We can also obtain as laid information for each Asset Owners’ underground apparatus, which can be presented in a number of formats for use in the office and on site.

Utility Surveys include:

  • Connectivity Survey (Sewer & Drainage)
  • 3D Models Pipeline Surveys
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Monitoring 3D Manhole Surveys
  • CCTV Drain Condition Surveys

Aerial Photogrammetry

Using our UAV we provide professional Aerial photography of up to 1 Sq. km in a single flight. With it's 16MP camera it can shoot aerial imagery at down to 3cm/pixel resolution. The images can then be used to create maps and elevation models with a precision of 5cm.

The UAV is used to create the following products in less time and at a fraction of the cost of other aerial surveys;

  • Digital Orthomosaics,
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM),
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM),
  • Coastal Mapping,
  • 3D AutoCAD Drawings,
  • Route surveys,
  • Volume Calculations,
  • 3D Fly Throughs,
  • Large Area Mapping

Geotechnical Investigation Services

Supervised by highly qualified experienced geotechnical engineers and geologists, we undertake ground investigations for a wide variety of civil and industrial construction, infrastructure and pipeline projects both onshore and near shore. We pride ourselves by adopting the same professional approach to both large multi-disciplinary investigation projects as well a small simple structures.

Geotechnical Investigation Services include:

  • Borehole Drilling
  • Trial Pitting & Trenching
  • Cone Penetration Testing
  • Probe-hole Drilling
  • Pumping Tests & Permeability Testing
  • Plate Bearing Tests & in-situ CBRs
  • Desk Studies
  • Walkover Surveys & Geological Mapping
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Preparation of Factual & Interpretative Reporting
  • Design & Planning of Ground Investigations

Terrestrial LiDAR

Our Riegl sanner is mounted on a 4x4 vehicle. The survey will be controlled using static GPS and reflective targets. In locations where no vehicle access is available the scanning will be used in a back pack and access will be made by hiking.

3D Engineering surveys Limited currently use a full suite of surveying technology including the Leica ScanStation C10 and the HDS 7000 or Z & F Imager 5010.

Contact Us

UK Office: +44 (0) 1395 278 441
UK Field: +44 (0) 7972 760 490

Latest News

December 14

3D Engineering Surveys completes LiDAR survey of two of Londons largest sewage treatment plants.

November 14

3D Engineering Surveys completes LiDAR survey of multiple schools in the south of England.

October 14

3D Engineering Surveys completes ground stability survey and provides mobile road to large utility company.